Posted by Rotary Club of Chestermere
Rotary International is an official partner of Shelter Box Canada, helping to provide Emergency Disaster Relief to families all over the world. There are currently over 85 million people with shelter in the world! Our club felt inspired by the good work that Shelter Box does so we committed to providing one Shelter Box every year to a family in need. Each Shelter Box includes a tent, tools, a water purification bag, cooking utensils, 2 portable solar lights and a children's bag with crayons, colouring books etc.  One ShelterBox is $1,200.00 which includes the cost of shipping them to their designated location. Volunteers travel with the Boxes to ensure a smooth transition to the family who will be receiving their Box.  The tents are made of extremely durable material that will last years. There are some tents still standing after 7 years of relentless sun, rain and wind!
During the Rotary Chestermere AMAZING RACE 2014 a ShelterBox was set up at John Peake Park and served as one of the Race Challenges. Team had to use the water filtration system to remove a bit of dirt and cola from water and then drink it. (We told them it was lake water rather than dirt and cola, which was fun).  
We feel really good about being able to rescue one family every year and everyone who runs the Amazing Race can feel pretty good about it too as your participation helps raise the funds needed for this! Find out more about Rotary International's partnership with ShelterBox.  And, if you'd like to be involved more prominently, don't be shy!  We're here to help each other help everybody.  It's just another way to show how Rotary Serves Humanity.